Project List: Civil, Environmental, and Utility Engineering Projects

Project List

This is a partial list of projects our Team Members have been in responsible charge of design.   For a complete list Contact Us

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Site Development

Residential Subdivisions

  • Camera Smithfield Farms (Warrior, Alabama)
    • Residential subdivision with approximately 400 lots. Subdivision is to be constructed in three separate phases. Design of entire subdivision was completed and construction was broken into phases. Required road design, storm and detention, Sanitary sewer had to comply with Jefferson County environmental standards. Included a pump station for the sewer which tied into an existing gravity sewer.
  • Camera Timberline “The Reserve” (Calera, Alabama)
    • Residential subdivision with approximately 200 lots of garden homes. Designed storm sewer, sanitary sewer and roads for subdivision.
  • Camera Hillstone Subdivision (Pell City, Alabama)
    • Residential subdivision, designed roads, storm sewer and utilities.


  •          Florence, Alabama
    • Lead engineer to relocate utilities on a bridge replacement job. This included a 12” ductile iron water main and 8” steel gas main. This design required a creek and road crossing. Each crossing was installed in casing. Acquired proper permitting for each crossing. The design was to relocate the utilities and maintain service to the customers.
  •          Moulton, Alabama
    • Designed a relocated water main and gas main for a highway expansion project. This included a 4”-8” water main and a 4” pe gas main.

Waste Water

  • Camera Wastewater Pump Station (Calera, Alabama)
    • Designed a pumpstation for city expansion of sewer system and supply for a new wastewater treatment facility. Worked under direction of another Professional Engineer
  •          North Alabama
    • Designed various onsite waste water treatment systems for both residential and small commercial systems. These systems included leach field and chambered systems. Some were gravity feed and others required pumped systems.